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Who's the Master?

Last night my husband and I touched on a subject that really got me thinking about how we all present ourselves in this world.

Most of us who are in a field or entering in a field of work/passion/play eventually come to a point where we want to share and guide others.

We want to spread knowledge that has benefitted us and helped us in our own journey, because that’s a lot of what we’re here to do, to help each other out.

When it comes to presenting work, or teaching, or writing books/workshops/seminars etc, the question that comes to mind (at least personally) was ..

“well.. who am I to teach this?”.

Regardless of masters degrees or PhDs, or perhaps lack thereof, inevitably that question can pop up. Fear of being challenged or proven wrong, fear of being made to feel like a fool/idiot/uneducated/ fear of “not knowing enough”(!).

That fear drives us to NOT do it. Not to go out there and share and present what we've learned and experienced. These are the break pedals screeching down the road of experience.

So where we ended up is.. just admitting to yourself, to those around you, that you’re on the journey, just like everyone else. Removing that self imposed pressure to be right all the time.

Simply starting with “This is currently what I’m studying/ exploring/ trying out” can be so freeing.

We don’t have to know everything; How the f*ck can we when the extensiveness of knowledge and experience is limitless?

Allowing yourself the permission to be ok with knowing enough to want to share.

Knowing enough to say “in 1, 2 , 10 years this might be wrong!”, we evolve just as the knowledge does.

More often than not, your sharing will only hone in on refining the process, and enabling others by permitting them to ask questions too.

Then you’re opening up the conversation to the floor rather than dictating the “should's”.

This to me is what being the “eternal student” is all about.


I’d love to invite you to share or speak about something you’re passionate about without the fear of getting it wrong. 💫

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