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We often say when we’re in alignment with our selves, synchronicities happen. Some call it wavelength, heart coherence, some call it magic.

The flow of events that happen in our favour, to lead us to wherever we need to go.

A series of fortunate events so to speak.


When we’re not in coherence, when we’re in resistance, or as Abraham Hicks calls it, when we’re in the contrast, we may notice that we get hit with wave after wave of challenges.


Tests, choices, working between heart and mind, what’s practical and what’s heart led.


In these moments, when we’re fighting against what we know to be what we truly want, when making decisions out of fear and practicality, those synchronicities show up as barriers, again and again, asking us to reroute into what we’re meant to be doing, it may feel like the entirety of the universe is working against you.


It’s funny, trying to outsmart the universe. Trying to trick life into working for you even when

you’re fighting against your true wants and desires. There’s always a lesson or scenario that comes in and the universe laughing saying “nice try!”.


A change in perspective from “it’s all working against me” into “I’m being given a clear sign that I’m working against the universe” is definitely humbling.


The ego develops as we develop, and it’s up to us to surrender.

To give the ego, our survival mindset, the chance to feel safe enough to let go of control.

How can you alter your mind, thoughts, and energy, from a victim into a victor?

How can you stop fighting against the current and just go with the flow?

What do you need to feel safe enough to surrender?


From speaking to you, June has been an interesting and tricky month for quite a few.


Have you noticed things coming up for you more so than other times?

Have you noticed tests and trials coming in?

How have you been responding to it?

Are we working from the conditioned response patterns, or expanding into a new route?


Let me know in the comments below how you’ve been feeling this past month.

High chances are, you’re not alone x

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