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Choose your REALITY

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The ever elusive question of “What is reality?” tends to lead to hours long discussion of metaphysical and philosophical debates.

Perhaps a puff or two of pipe smoke about.

I recently dove into this topic again with reference to the notion that our eyes are not only viewers, they’re also projectors (thanks Jim Carrey ), lending to the thought that what we perceive as reality parallels what we internally belief to be possible; to be real.

Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, some may say astronaut, lion tamer, perhaps even space cowboy. Although we giggle at the implied absurdity, have you noticed how little they limit their view of possibility?

They can be anything, because they haven’t yet lived into having the limiting programs of the “get practical” mentality. They don’t worry, they just want to do what makes them giddy.

This had me thinking..

If we base our beliefs on what we consider to be “real”, where is your scope of possibility lying?


When was the last time you asked yourself :

“What IS possible?”

We’ve put men on the moon, dived down to depths in the ocean, we’ve created a matrix of technology so advanced we take it for granted most days.

What was possible 100 years ago differs largely to what we now deem possible today.

And it’s all because each person in the past thought “I can do that. I can make that into a reality.”

So I’m curious.. what do you perceive as possible?

What is your best life you can dream of?

If you believed in magick, what would you wish for?

Reverse engineer that into figuring out what is getting in the way of it, and see what comes up.

I’d love to hear your wildest dreams, leave a comment below..

Who knows?

You may be able to make that dream come true x

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