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L.R. - USA

Salma’s coaching style is so natural and immediately put me at ease. I didn’t feel as though I was talking to a life coach, but rather to a friend. But don’t let that fool you – She will ask you the hard questions that encourage to go inward and also serves as your accountability partner. My session with Salma went by so quickly. I was inspired by the way in which she was quickly able to tap into the root cause of my childhood pain and connect that to so many sources in my current life struggle. She is intuitive, kind, and ever so loving. I felt an immediate connection with Salma and knew that she was something special. Not everyone can point out your blind spots and call out old patterns in such a warm and compassionate way; a way that inspired you to make the change, rather than putting you on the defensive. I was so pleased with my coaching session and spent the rest of the day processing all that we had talked about. Do yourself a favor and get in the hot seat with this mega powerhouse magical unicorn of a coach! You will not be disappointed.

F.A. -Qatar

I’m really honored to have had this session with you and I really look forward to more work together! You are incredible, thank you for holding space for me and offering me a judgement free zone to truly be in touch with who I am - I feel like I’m vibrating with honesty when I’m working with you!

L.M. - USA

A.K. - Russia

Salma is an amazing human and a great coach. Her coaching skills are on a professional level and her energy is phenomenal. It is very gentle yet powerful and strong. She won’t miss your gap, will lead to it softly and hold space for you to process it, surpassing fear and hesitation. If you want to dive into your emotions and explore what’s underneath but you are afraid to fall into trauma or have a pattern to escape - just trust her. Salma will support you and empower you the way you need and deserve most. She truly is a gem.

H.A.K. (QA)

Salma has held space for me in ways that nobody has in my entire life. She asks the important questions to your ego, makes your inner child feel seen and heard and helps release emotional attachments that no longer serve your purpose. It has been a lifelong journey of searching, but this feels like a new dawn for me, with Salma’s magical touch and guidance. She is a deeply sensitive, intuitive and loving soul who helps empower those around her to find the light within to heal themselves.

R.V. - USA

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