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Listen in to what calls to you and piques your interest.


Each of these modalities have their own way to guide, reflect, and enhance your experience of self-discovery & development.


There is no “wrong” way.

Wherever your curiosity flows is where you follow.


A unique and powerful combination of modalities, Illumination Coaching is created bespoke for those who are committed to taking the delicious leap into their own power and authenticity, unapologetically and full of Love.


Every one of us has a unique pattern to our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind. 

What we don’t always realise, and sometimes do, is that deep seeded traumas, beliefs, and limitations affect us in our day to day lives. 


From inconvenient, to crippling, these beliefs can be worked through in a safe, loving way.

Illumination coaching is about having someone to hold you accountable, to laser in on your blind spots; To help you understand things from the root cause of that emotion, trauma, or trigger. Weeding out the subconscious mind, creating the richest of soils where your own seeds of Self can be planted and nourished. 


It’s about having someone that can simultaneously be your biggest cheerleader, and also your fierce mirror for progress by being there to guide you to face the shadows of the subconscious mind.

The discovery call is not a coaching call, but rather a call to determine what would serve you best from the above, and if we are a right fit to work together.

Don't see a time available? DM me on my @salma.ohm.illuminated IG account!


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An age-old craft. Using tarot and oracle cards of multiple decks will allow whatever questions and messages you want or need to be walked through in a unique and tailored experience. Intuitively read, the cards reveal what is mirrored back to you for self-realisation, assurance, and guidance moving you into a space of freedom, inspiration, and motivation.



Using energy methods that range from the clearing of your auric space, chord cutting, inner child healing, Shamanic Therapeutics and ceremony, Psychic and field readings,

womb healing and more.

When we approach your needs from an open space, guided by Spirit, be ready to have elements of your deeper Self brought to peace and balance. Each call and experience are bespoke, created on the spot to address what it is in that exact moment that calls for attention.

The guided meditations will lead you into the Self allowing your own mind to be introduced to the spaces that have been in the shadows, so that you can realise your own illuminated Spirit.

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 UP TO 60 mins
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A well-known Japanese form of energetic work, Reiki has been used to help alleviate spiritual, psychological, and physical imbalances through means of in person, hands on, or distance healing.

By connecting to Universal Life Force (Chi / Qi), Reiki allows you to receive a balancing, clearing, and healing energy throughout your field.


From recharging your power centres, to clearing deep seeded energetic blocks, Reiki is a safe and relaxing way to be held through Unconditional Love, leaving you feeling relaxed, recharged, and balanced.

UP TO 60 mins


Differing slightly from a full Tarot reading, Psychomagick Tarot is a healing modality for those ready to break through the subconscious and superconscious patterns that live within us.

Throughout our lives and in our early years, the conditioned wiring of our brains can reign in the momentum of us moving forward without limitations.

Using Psychomagick hard stops and calls out the negative beliefs of our egos that have nestled into our subconscious from childhood experiences and past traumas.

Through the reading and the exercises that follow, be assured that your limiting blocks will be safely, lovingly, and fiercely be shown the door.

The diffusing of these patterns is initiated from your own will and action, cultivated for your specific needs, and reminding you of your own personal magick. Be ready to become unapologetically authentic.

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 ALLOW for UP TO 2.5 hours 
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When teaching Asana, Salma pulls from different schools and lineages with an awareness to allow accessibility and curiosity into every person’s personal practice. Instilling autonomy and establishing higher levels of self-awareness, or proprioception is a key theme in her classes. Penduluming with play and presence.

Salma’s value is in creating a space wherein one can feel at ease with unpacking their tensions, from psycho, to soma.

What started as some much-needed silence has led to a complete fascination and unpacking of the psychosomatic tendencies we have and where they come from.

The balance of mind and body is a strong theme in my classes. Challenging, at times, with an allowance for the practitioner to bring about their own introspection and self-inquiry.

I consider Yoga Asana to be very personal and adaptable to every student’s needs, regardless of their personal expectations. Each of us have experiences that mould our minds and muscles in day to day living. When I teach, I allow the space to be where one can let go and express, modify if need be, or play, delving deeper into the poses. 

Implementing bodywork during the session can allow trapped tension to be gently released to ease physical compensations and emotional tension.

My goal is to not only share the knowledge I continue to learn through my own practice and development, but to hold you in the safest space for you to move through.


I currently teach ONLINE and  in-person:



Private classes both in-person and online are available.

"Working with Salma was like being handed an invitation to go deep inside my own world of magic and healing and depth."

- Rosie Volcano
Salma Othman is an amazing coach! She is able to hold the space that is necessary to go deep in a way where you feel so loved and supported. I highly recommend working with Salma. Her wisdom, intuition, and skills in coaching are phenomenal! Thank you for a beautiful session x

- Dre Miller, Hawaii -
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